Winter Golf Training

October 11, 2020

In winter it is sometimes difficult to get to the golf course. Head to the driving range with these tips to improve your game over the winter. 

1: Proper Warm Up

A lack of playing plus the cold weather will make your muscles very inflexible. At this time of year over any other period of the year it is very important for you to warm up properly. Try taking a couple of clubs from you bag and swinging them together in a constant motion throughout your whole golf swing. Alternatively, you could buy a weighted club made by Moments Golf, they are not designed to hit a balls with This should ensure you don’t get an injury. 

2: Check you Posture 

Posture is very important and can be checked with the use of a mirror. Many bays now have mirrors. Place the shaft of a club across your back it should touch at the back of your head, across your back between the shoulder blades and at the base of the spine. With the club along your back bend over and bend your legs, ensuring that the club still touches the three contact points. Make sure you bend your knees and you should be in the perfect position. 

3: Look at your Release 

A smooth release is a very important part of any Golf swing. Start with a 10 to 2 swing ie where your  hands on the backswing are at 10 o’clock and your hands at the end of the swing should be 2 o’clock. The best to club to use for this exercise is a 8 or 9 iron. Follow through smoothly trying to improve the coordination of arms and body. 

4: Record a Video 

Record your swing on video if either you or a friend have a camera. The video can capture your swing from a number of angles enabling you to see the errors that you are making. It is the best way of ironing out any faults. 

5: Chipping 

The driving range has a number of different range flags, so use them. It is an ideal place to practice your chipping game. It adds variety to your time down the range plus the mat makes a perfect place to practice chipping from a tight lie. 

6: Check your Alignment 

Another good exercise at the range is to put a club along your toes to ensure that your feet are at 90 degrees to the ball. This will help you ensure that you line up correctly or your shots. 

7: Shaping Your Shots 

To simulate a draw stand with your left foot closer to the ball than your right foot, if you are a right-handed player. Try to hit the ball straight down the range, as this simulates a draw. To practice a fade, make sure you stand with your left foot facing further away than you right. Again, try to hit the ball straight down the range. This simulates a fade. 

8: Get in Line 

Many golfers are prone to slicing the ball. To determine whether you excessively slice the ball, place three balls in line and then take out the middle one. If you hit the outside ball when you swing you are slicing. The goal is to hit the inside ball without hitting the outside one. 

9: Take a Friend 

If you can’t get a video camera get a friend to look at your swing for you. He can tell you about posture, and swing etc. Remember is important to concentrate on the basics. 

10: Practice a Round 

A way to simulate a round at the practice range is to play a number of different shots. Hit a wood, then a 7 or 8 iron followed by a 20yd chip. You then get to play a number of different shots instead of practicing hitting with one club for a number of repetitive hits.