Why 4×4 Golf Carts?

April 26, 2019

If you’ve been golfing with ordinary golf carts for quite some time, have you ever even considered a 4×4 golf cart? If you utilize a 4×4 golf cart you can actually discover different terrain.

You can even take your golf cart for some off-road riding. Multi-purpose golf carts are not only getting more popular but their usefulness is being brought to attention. The Golf Safaris that you may have simply heard stories of can become reality with the use of a 4×4 golf cart which may easily come with the proper suspension and horsepower needed in order to take down any golfing adventure. Just think of it, the golfing adventures in your mind can be made a reality.

A number of resorts or clubs in South Africa, which is known for its popular golfing safaris, actually make use of 4×4 golf carts in their courses. The beautiful idea here is that you are not just getting a chance to play golf at a prime quality course but you get the adventure of a safari in one trip. Some of the prime golf resorts in this area are the Gary Player Country Club located in Sun City, the Royal Johannesburg Golf Club that has two 18 hole layouts which are considered to be among the top in Johannesburg, the Durban Country Club, and the Fancourt Hotel & Country Club Estate.

Arizona is yet another location where 4×4 golf carts are quite popular among the locals and in scenic golf courses. All that desert and mountainous terrain have an adventurous course just awaiting the thrill-seeking golfer. And a 4×4 golf cart is exactly what you would need in order to get through it. Arizona is known for its great short tracks. There are a number of nine-hole golf courses here for those who would love to partake of the desert scenery. The Wigwam Golf Resort & Spa, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, and Boulders Resort & Golden Door Spa are just a few great golf vacation sites where 4×4 golf carts are all around.  

Bermuda actually has the most golfing courses per square mile in its entirety and a number of courses make use of 4×4 golf carts. The Fairmont Southampton Golf Club comprises of an 18-hole par-3 course which boasts of amazing elevation changes, and these elevation changes are a breeze to manage by use of 4×4 carts.

Now, putting these exotic locations aside, having your own 4×4 golf cart does mean a lot. No, it isn’t just for someone looking for an adventure but it is actually quite useful. A simple example would be a camping trip with the family. Taking a 4×4 golf cart along with you can mean loads of difference. Not only does it take care of your transportation even in tricky areas but it will definitely take a load off your feet after time doing some scenic hiking in the woods. If you’ve got youngsters as well, it will help make your trip more enjoyable for them too.