Las Vegas Golf Lessons

Taking golf lessons in Las Vegas is becoming quite a hit (no pun intended).

Nowadays Las Vegas isn’t just known for its shiny lights and the sounds of slot machines, the golf lessons which are being offered in golf clubs around Vegas are bringing golf instruction to people’s minds as well when you think of the big city. People are hearing more about it not just because of the existence or the availability of these lessons but because golf clubs in Vegas are actually offering quality golf lessons which any novice golfer could benefit greatly from.

These kinds of golf lessons are offered in private or group lessons and they also vary depending on level. In private lessons you may choose to focus on whatever weaknesses you have which your instructor will strive to improve with of course your best efforts. Initial consultations normally require you to show your golfing level to the instructor by means of different example situations. From here, you may begin to discuss possible weaknesses and your instructor of course will tell you about your good points as well. In most group lessons, you will be put together with those from a similar level. You will be encouraged to watch games in the area by the instructors in order to show you professional levels of play as well as encourage the enjoyment of the sport itself. 

Come to Las Vegas not just to see the bright lights and enjoy the famous Casinos but to relax and unwind, and to help you do this, why not take a golf lesson while you’re there? 

Las Vegas Badlands Golf Club 

You can get Las Vegas Golf Lessons at the Las Vegas Badlands Golf Club. Here golf instruction is headed by Clif Vanetti (the Director of Instruction). Clif Vanetti is not only the Director of Instruction at the club but he is a Class A member of PGA of America. He has been noted for his involvement in both the Southwest Section education as well as junior golf programs. Don’t worry, if you’re not the master player that is not a problem. He has worked with golf players of a variety of levels and is not only comfortable teaching different levels but has had players who have emerged victorious in their respective levels. Teachers such as Tim Mahoney and Mike LaBauve, who rank under Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teachers in America, have taught Clif Vanetti. 

Golf Instruction Rates:
 Private Lesson (1 Hour) – $100.00
 Private Lesson (1/2 Hour) – $60.00
 Junior Lesson (1/2 Hour) – $40.00
 Playing Lesson (9 holes) – $250.00, includes green fees & cart
Clinics (1 Hour) – $40.00/person
Golf School Rates:

 Half Day – $295.00
                – Three hours of instruction, video analysis, full swing and short game covered
 Full Day – $495.00
               – Three hours of instruction, two hour playing lesson and lunch. All facets of the game are covered
 Two and Three Day Schools are also available.

For more information you can reach Clif Vanetti at (702)363-0754 ext 133.