Golfing Safaris

In South Africa there is a generous amount of golfing experiences just waiting to be uncovered. The country has even been presently rated as a golfing vacation location which can provide you with the best value for your money.  

The beautiful idea here is that you are not just getting a chance to play golf at a prime quality course but you get the adventure of a safari in one trip.

There is a great selection of courses which can provide you with a higher altitude game or those which offer the test of a coastal course. The Gary Player Country Club located in Sun City is a well-known golf course in this area. The Nedbank Golf Challenge is actually held in this club and it is known for the greatest first prize of all golf tournaments. The Royal Johannesburg Golf Club has two 18 hole layouts which are considered to be among the top in Johannesburg. The Durban Country Club is a private club well-known for its breathtaking foliage. The Fancourt Hotel & Country Club Estate is also known for its quality course. These are just some of the places where a golfer out for an adventure can enjoy himself.

Mental Points to Consider

But just before you jump out for the adventure of your dreams, there are a number of individual mental points you should take into consideration. Once you feel that you are losing focus or your temper is blazing, remind yourself that you are doing your best with the situation at hand, and then simply let go. Try to choose an environment which you feel comfortable enough in order to help you let go of your supposed misses and keep those shots coming! This is an important tool because dwelling on ‘misses’ not only puts your further shots in danger but it also affects the self-confidence one needs in order to nail those further putts. At a golf safari, you may be engaged enough with your surroundings to calm yourself as well as entertain yourself with the views and natural harmony.

Normally taking a good look at the ball and its location is what any proper golfer should consider before the hit, but thinking about the grain, the possible effects of wind and other possibilities can lead your brain into overload with many details. You should use the scenery to your advantage by helping it calm your nerves and letting the views relax your game.

Finding the right scenery for you

Golfing Safaris may not do the trick for everyone. If you are more of the serene nature viewer, you may want a golfing adventure that packs less punch. Take a look at the reviews on the specific golfing course resorts mentioned found in South Africa in order to decide for yourself if a Golfing Safari type style of course is exactly what you and your golfing game needs.