Golf Driving Mats

April 26, 2019

How could something as simple as a golf driving mat be useful to a golfer? Golf driving mats can actually be useful to a golfer who needs help with his swing consistency.

Use of golf driving mats has even been associated with improvements such as an increase in driving distance. Of course, you know what that means—an improved game with more strokes off! Another interesting advantage of utilizing a golf driving mat is the fact that it can actually provide a practicing or training golfer with an ideal lie each time. This is something that old mother nature can’t quite provide with her natural grass. This ideal lie is perfect for working with wedges in order to spin the golf ball in a particular way. All these points may come to surprise you if you thought that you were just stepping on a simple mat when you’d come by a driving range. But, yes, these driving mats do have a purpose and you can make good use of them by getting one of your own!

Purchasing a golf driving mat

You can purchase golf driving mats in a number of sizes and their actual weights correspond. Golf driving mats are not pricey. You can buy a driving mat of the size 1 foot by 2 feet for less than $20. The sizes can also vary from 1×3 ft, 2×2 ft, 4×4 ft, even up to 5×5 ft. They can come in varying shapes as well— eg. square, octagon—it really depends on your preference. You can sometimes even pick the kind of shade of green that you want for it. (Sometimes they can even come in a rainbow of colors!) It’s up to you if you’re happier staring down at violet grass just before you take a swing.

What to keep in mind when choosing your mat

When choosing and purchasing a golf driving mat you should keep in mind that you want something which has good resistance to wear and tear, yet can be easily maintained for your practice and is generally high quality accessory. Consider the material used. A number of quality golf driving mats are made of sturdy nylon ‘grass’. A cushion pad system should be utilized by the mat in order to take care of club head shock as you practice. Keep these points in mind when you purchase a golf driving mat because you may just end up spending as much as you thought you had saved when you initially purchased a mat by buying a number of them as they wear easily from your every stroke. This is exactly where a quality mat for a slightly higher price may just do the trick for you as it can take more of your strokes without wearing immediately. So don’t pass by that slightly more expensive mat that quickly! It may just deserve that second look.

If you actually do intend on buying a great number of golf driving mats for a commercial range, golf club or shop, then you should remember to inquire about discounts for greater quantities.