Custom Golf Carts

October 18, 2020

Golf Cars have been around for over 50 years with their popularity growing incredibly in the last 5 years. They have gone from being used primarily for golf, to having unlimited uses. Some even have multiple uses as custom conversion manufacturers produce kits that take a standard golf car and turn the rear into a 4 seat passenger kit that converts into a utility bed, with a lift kit, roll cage and lights all done in chrome and looking like a Hot Rod Cart. The possibilities are truly endless, what ever your imagination can dream someone can custom build. And custom carts are the wave of the future. And we here at Hot Rod Carts want to bring all that technology into your home with a premium web sight designed for your enjoyment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Club Car, EZ GO, Yamaha, Columbia Par Car, Harley Davidson, Melex, Cushman, GEM or any other cart we’re here to bring you the latest in golf car customizing. And if you don’t have a cart yet, we hope our articles will help you know what kind best fits your needs.

Custom golf carts are a hot new way of getting around. Many different modifications have been made to take that plain old golf car and turn it into a sleek custom cart. From awesome bodies which resemble almost any car, truck, sport utility vehicle, fire truck, or race car, to the coolest paint jobs the eye has ever seen. These carts can have hydraulics, be lifted, lowered, extended, shortened, chopped, widened or narrowed. Carts can seat from one person to at times twenty or more people.

Even the golf industry has had major enhancements in the golf car accessories lines. With body kits that are golfer friendly. Fancy rims, dashes, windshields, under seat storage trays, special paint, GPS systems, club protector covers, specially upholstered seats, fancy bumpers, carpet kits, chrome tilt steering columns, the sky’s the limit.

Custom carts are great for any neighborhood, ranch, golf course, camp site, hotel, airport, college campus, farm, sports arena, factory, or construction site. They can go from camouflage paint for hunting or paintball to graphics such as advertising for a business. They can have ambulance, refreshment, dumping, laundry, transportation kits, or enclosed carts with doors, heaters or air conditioners. You can get snow plows, winches, 4×4 and 4×6 kits, hunting accessories, and lockable boxes. They are very practical for the disabled also, with carts that have special controls and options that conform to a disabled person’s special need. Custom carts can go anywhere and do almost anything. What will the next new craze be?…No one knows….But you can bet it’ll be a Hot Rod Cart!!!

Special body kits make some of the most luxurious carts in the world or custom bodies can also be made to suite personal needs. Some of the bodies include the Hummer H2, Cadillac’s Escalade, the Lincoln Navigator, 57 Chevy, Mercedes, 32 Roadster, Jeeps, Vipers, NASCAR kits and many, many more. All can be for the golf course or with two, four or six seat options and most specialty body kits can be made to seat as many people as you’d like.

Carts are being custom painted with metal flakes, pearls, flip paints and glosses that will turn the head of all who have sight. Graphic designs are important with golf cart owners adding style and originality that transforms standard golf cars into personalized modes of transportation. Graphics can be used in many different ways. They can be for identification or for customization. The color, design and location of the graphics have been pushed from standard pin stripe to amazing designs with new computer graphics. Some graphics are vinyl and some are over the top hand laid airbrush designs that brake new ground and have no limits.

Accessories are very important in making a custom creation into a Hot Rod Cart. From custom steering wheels, steering columns, light packages, wheels and tires, seats, mirrors, tops, windshields, and custom bumpers, to custom running boards, dashes, and sound systems customizing is the way to go. Extra passenger seating, flat beds, truck beds, dump beds, ambulance kits, lift kits, custom audio or visual, whatever quickens your pulse, the heartbeat of the golf car is on the rise. Weather it’s billet aluminum accessories, chrome accessories, or powder coating your golf car accessories, what ever accessorizing you choose theirs someone, somewhere willing and able to help you.

With the adaptation of lights a cart can take on new dimensions and new meanings that will scream your arrival. Some can even be street legal golf cars. Neon lights are a creation to really brighten up a golf cart and add pizzazz to areas of the cart not usually noticed. Add flashing lights for work vehicles such as ambulance carts, waste disposal carts, security carts and the likes and you’ve got custom carts that can get to places previously out of reach by vehicles. These and other light packages add new uses to a golf car that only brightens the future of golf car possibilities.

Golf Cars now implement computer chips into many different sections of the carts to make them more efficient and easier to use. Many upscale golf courses are now implementing Global Positioning Systems (GPS) onto the carts to help the golfers know distances and help rangers keep track of the carts. Some camp grounds are even using GPS to keep track of rental golf carts. Custom golf car builders are becoming more sophisticated with LCD TV’s and Plasma TV’s in seats, dashes, overheads, and more adding to the visual appeal and versatility of custom carts. Hot Rod Cart lovers always like a great stereo and the sky’s the limit when it comes to a sound system.

Golf Carts are made in gas and electric. Electric Carts are more common than gas carts because they are the preferred choice of most golf courses. With golf courses using more and more electric carts the technology for electric carts has reached new heights in the last five years. Some carts can be programmed to go slower through dangerous areas to cut down on wrecks. Throw in involvement by major car manufacturer’s such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler, into the electric golf car market and neighborhood electric vehicle market, and electric golf cars are faster, and run much farther then they ever have.

Most custom golf cars originate from the used golf car market allowing even further development in aftermarket performance enhancing products. High performance gas and electric motors are being put into carts that make them go at speeds never before imagined. Customizers are now using gas motors from snow mobiles, motor cycles, cars, all terrain vehicles, and more to bring life to a once dormant golf car. Now add oversized pistons, change some gears, maybe some nitrous oxide and your reaching into the heart of a Hot Rod Cart. These Hot Rod Carts are being used in all forms of racing or showing and are only limited by the amount of money, guts, or time on your hands. Driving one of these Hot Rod Carts can be very hazardous to your health so it’s not advised for the faint of heart or weak of limb. But don’t be scared, this web sight is only designed to quicken the pulse and is normally good for your health. So look all you want, just bring a drool cup, you may need it.