Custom Designed Golf Carts

April 26, 2019

Make your golf cart something to truly call your own!

When you are opting to custom design your own golf cart there are a number of different things you can change on a standard golf cart in order to make it truly something you could call ‘yours’. Aside from the obvious color and style options, there are a number of different trim features which you could choose from. You can even have custom paint designs done on the golf cart’s surface where you could place logos of your own University or school teams. You could opt for a canopy tops, rear cargo boxes, assorted links tires, and replace items such as floor pads, bumpers, pedal pads, turbine caps, and even batteries.

Custom designed golf cart power

The power itself of the golf cart is another thing you may want to take into consideration. If you’re an environment enthusiast you may have a certain type of power preference for your custom golf cart. If speed is what tickles your fancy in order to get more play time out of your 9 or 18-hole games you could opt for gasoline or electric carts for those fairways. You can choose to upgrade the speed and power controls of the cart.

Miniature vehicles

Of the custom designed golf carts out there, a number of golf cart enthusiasts are fans of those which take after their road-maneuvering vehicles which are designed by companies like Club Car, Yamaha, Ametek, Columbia H/D, Cushman, Davis, EZGO, Hyundai, Jacobsen, John Deere, Karrior, Kawasaki, Kohler, Legend, Melex, Noland, Nordskog, Onan, Otis, Pargo, Taylor-Dunn, Toro, and Westinghouse. These custom carts actually appear as baby versions of the actual vehicles and they come in 4×4 golf cart awesomeness!

Details of a miniature vehicle:

  • A seamless tubular steel frame protected by a three-step anti-rust process which ensures the safety of a good ride.
  • A low-emission, four stroke, single cylinder, overhead valve engine with a speed capacity of 12 to 45 miles per hour.
  • A 93.9” L and 47.2” W BODY, weighing about 548 pounds and constructed from custom formulated color-matched thermoplastic olefin and painted with a double coat of high luster polyurethane.
  • A seating capacity of two or four (the four-seat capacity with a flip seat).
  • A turn radius of 114.2 with the precision suspension and fast ratio, self-adusting, greaseless rack and pinion steering.

So when your designing your custom golf cart, let your imagination take a ride and have fun! Just don’t forget to try and enjoy the golfing as much as you enjoy designing your own custom built golf cart.