Club Car DS Gas Winter or Prolonged Storage

October 18, 2020
  1. Store the golf cart in a cool place. This will prevent self-discharge of the battery. If the battery appears to be weak, have it charged using an automotive type 12 volt battery charger rated 10 amps or less.
  2. Drain carburetor and seal the fuel tank.
  3. Place the forward and reverse lever in the NEUTRAL position and the neutral lock-out cam in the SERVICE position. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel pump and run the engine until fuel remaining in the carburetor and fuel lines is used up and the engine stalls. Return the neutral lock-out cam to OPERATE position.
  4. Loosen (do not remove) the carburetor drain screw and drain fuel remaining in bowl into a small container, them pour the fuel from the container into vehicle fuel tank.
  5. Reconnect fuel line to fuel pump.
  6. Disconnect fuel vent line from fuel tank vent nipple.
  7. Plug the fuel tank vent nipple so that it is air tight. We recommend using a slip on vinyl cap.
  8. To protect the engine, remove the spark plug and pour ½ ounce of SAE 10 weight oil into the engine through the spark plug hole. Rotate the engine crank shaft several times and then reinstall the spark plug.
  9. Increase tire pressure to 20 psi.
  10. Grease front suspension and do all quarterly periodic lubrication (see Periodic Lubrication)
  11. Thoroughly clean front body, rear body, seats, engine compartment, and underside of vehicle.
  12. Do not latch the park brake. Block tires to prevent the vehicle from rolling.