About Stock Golf Carts

October 18, 2020

Stock golf cars have been around for over 50 years. They’ve came along way since the first carts were introduced. From 2 cycle to 4 cycle motors, from 24 to 48 volts, from tiller steering to steering wheels, from 3 wheels to 4 wheels golf carts. The carts today are smart and good looking, they are versatile and functional, and they are the newest breeds of style and grace. Don’t let the good looks fool you though, these beauties pack a punch with power and torque never seen in years past.

The evolvement of the golf car has taken the pleasure of golfing to new heights. Now you can ride in complete comfort as golf cars can have heaters or air conditioners, flip windshields, club protectors, side curtains and more. With seating being much more comfortable then in past years the backaches are now only from bad swings. Add that to GPS systems, computer controlled charging systems, solid state controllers and the golf experience is only bad if the play is slow.

The newest technological advances in golf cars are the limp home mode (witch allows a cart to run just enough to get it back to the club house instead of leaving you stranded on the course), the GPS systems (help golfers know distances and some can communicate with the club house to order a cocktail if needed), regenerative braking systems (witch recharge the batteries when going down a hill and slow the cart to a safe speed) and computer controlled chargers (witch keep the batteries from being overcharged, helping them to last longer).

Looks are what make the newest golf cars get noticed, so all the leaders of the golf car industry are trying to come up with more durable bodies, shinier paints, and sleeker lines. Couple these with new rim designs and graphics and the old style golf car is obsolete. Step aside for the wave of golf car beauty and performance that will be displayed in the upcoming pages, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.